Unifiller launches revolutionary Pan Oiling Spray System at IBIE08.10.2010

IMG_OilSprayMuffinTinsOctober 08, 2010 Delta, BCUnifiller Systems Inc. offers a revolutionary new technology – their new Pan Oiling Spray System. The Pan Oiling Spray System is one of many new Unifiller machines that will be featured at this years IBIE show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 26-29.

In addition to the production of delicious sweet goods and breads, bakeries throughout the world are producing a number of environmentally damaging wastes from packaging to water waste. A recent study by the United Nations Compact states that “93% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business.” Now, more than ever, bakers play an important role in environmental preservation. “We are focusing more on sustainability and social responsibility when designing and manufacturing our equipment” says Mark Soares CEO of Unifiller Systems.

In order to effectively reduce waste water, we have to first recognize what causes waste water. The answer is fairly simple – contaminated water. Bakers use several ingredients that are capable of contaminating water with oil being one of the worst. Unfortunately oil is an essential in baking as it is used to keep products from sticking to baking pans.

Pan oil spray is one of the most difficult ingredients to measure. Everybody uses some form of oil or pan release agent but the majority of bakers use far more than is necessary. The trouble with pan spray is that it is difficult to know how much release agent is actually in the pan. With the spray being virtually invisible, the only flag to stop spraying is when beads of the oil begin dripping down the side of the pan. Not only does this add fat to the product which is expensive (and can violate nutritional statements on label), it causes browning of pans. This in turn requires excess washing of the pan to remove the residues and the result is waste water.

The options for pan spraying are infinite! Some facilities go through spray can after spray can while others invent their own system that draw oil from 55 gallon drums. Some bakers even have their pans refinished and waxed to avoid the pan spray altogether.

The aerosol spray options in North America are relatively uniform. The biggest difference between brands is the type of oil used — Canola Oil, Soybean Oil or a mixture of the two. Every aerosol brand makes use of a propellant and added flavor that results in immense amounts of garbage from empty cans.

In Europe, different ingredients and methodologies are used to keep the fat off the product and provide non stick capabilities. For example, Boyens offers a pan release agent that uses a Carnauba wax base to coat baking pans, which is extraordinarily effective at preventing sticking and at reducing fat intake. The biggest advantage is that bakers don’t have to use very much. Another important feature is that Boyens’ Pan Wax spray leaves a thin white layer in the pan, so you are not guessing on actual coverage.

On the equipment side, Unifiller Systems Inc. offers a PLC driven system called the Pan Oiling Spray System. This machine provides accurate portion control and the ability to program a precise spray pattern which results in a great reduction in oil usage. The Pan Oiling Spray System constantly monitors consumption and sounds an alarm that alerts the user when preset minimum and maximum limits have been exceeded.

A properly designed and maintained pan spray unit can assist in getting good release with minimum application of oil and it should also improve sanitation. They fall into two main categories, the multi-nozzle units and the single nozzle units – the Pan Oiling Spray System being able to do both. Some of the most important factors affecting the performance of any pan spray units are: Nozzle placements height and centering; placement of the guide rails; pan flow control; spray pattern; air pressure and heat control.

In addition, air quality in the plant environment is also an important factor to consider. Unifiller’s Pan Oiling Spray System uses low pressure atomized air, giving an accurate and consistent spray thus reducing access leakage which can be toxic for overall plant ventilation. The Pan Oiling Spray System is one of many new Unifiller machines that will be featured at this years IBIE show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 26-29.

Investing in a good pan spraying system will ultimately reduce costs, waste and become an important step towards environmental sustainability. Once bakers have achieved effective portion control and waste management, they can pass this information on to their customers and assure them that their product contains no extra fat and that their ecological and carbon footprint has reduced.

Excessive water use and wastewater production adds financial and ecological burdens to the industry and to the environment.