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4 Cookie Decorating Trends 18.05.2017

There’s no limit to how creative you can get with cookies! Unifiller presents some ideas on how to decorate your basic, round cookie.


1. Emoji Cookies — Decorate cookies with popular emojis for mass appeal. It’s your call if you’re daring enough to recreate the poop emoji!

2. Galaxy Cookies — They’re all the rage for cakes, why not try this out-of-this-world effect on your cookies to charm your customers.

3. Chalkboard Cookies — These have been around for a few years but most people don’t know you can make edible chalkboard cookies. Create your own chalk to complete your custom message!

4. Unicorn Cookies — Why not take the hair trend to cookies? Try anything from pastel colored icings to fondant horns or silver dust as a finish.


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