A Little About Us...

Unifiller is a world leader in automated portioning equipment, We manufacture and design depositors, transfer pumps, decorating equipment and full production lines for the food and bakery industry. Unifiller specializes in precise depositing of all flow-able products including sauces, cheeses, hummus, soups, batters, fillings, icings, mousse and other products.

Unifiller equipment optimizes production by increasing production yield and reducing product waste so you can control raw ingredient costs. Unifiller equipment also helps to produce consistent quality products that help customers meet labelling requirements. Easy to use, Unifiller’s equipment decreases human effort and strain thereby preventing injury or strain. Unifiller equipment is gentle on products so what goes in is what comes out. Machine design is tool-free, simple and elegant requiring minimal training, with full wash-down capabilities and hundreds of attachment options.

Unifiller is a recognized global player in the food production industry. Recent expansions include global offices in the United Kingdom, Japan, Asia Pacific and a dealer network representing new markets in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Unifiller’s highly innovative machines perform well, with precise portion accuracy, great speed and have the fewest parts to clean, maintain or replace.

What We Do