Add Versatility with 100's of Attachments!

Your Unifiller equipment can do more than just depositing. With hundreds of standard accessories to choose from, you can turn your depositor into an injection machine, spreading machine or decorating machine.

Benefits of adding accessories to your equipment:

  • Increase product offering
  • Optimize your production capacity
  • Quick change-over between products
  • Increase profitability by lowering equipment costs
  • Reduce waste and manage ingredient costs

Some of our standard attachments include:

  • Hand depositing nozzles
  • Dual, single or multi injection nozzles
  • Diving nozzles
  • Spreader nozzles
  • Full cover cake heads
  • Twist rosette heads

For more information email: or call 1-888-733-8444.

All accessories orders are shipped FedEx overnight.

Some attachments are machine specific and do not work with all of our machines.