The executive management team at Unifiller is committed to the core principles and values of Unifiller. At the heart of our business is an understanding of the importance of our people, our customers, our partners and our suppliers. These critical components drive our passion for creating innovative solutions for the food, bakery, pet food and pharma/cosmetics industries. Over the past 35 years, we’ve grown into 5 global offices, an 80 country dealer network with sister companies and service centers in Germany, France, USA and Netherlands. Our focus on innovation, diversity, sustainable products and innovation, employee health & development, and community engagement are key to our go forward plans.

Martin Murphy - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Martin comes to Unifiller with 34 years of extensive manufacturing experience. He was previously the President of Raute North America, where he was dedicated to ensuring that an effective corporate sales and marketing strategy was developed and implemented. Martin is an accomplished leader with a high performing track record.

Sean Devenish - Vice President of Sales

Sean has been a steady presence at Unifiller for 17 years. He brings sales management experience in diverse industries and a collaborative mentorship culture that he fostered during his time as Business Development Manager for Unifiller’s Food Division team. Sean’s ability to be a team player, motivate and mentor his team, and provide exceptional customer service will ensure that Unifiller continues to thrive under his sales leadership.

Sonia Bal - Director of Global Marketing

Sonia comes with over 17 years of experience in various aspects of marketing management, both on the B2C and B2B side. She drives the global marketing strategy at Unifiller with a focus on lead generation, brand building and dealer support. Key to Sonia’s principles are a focus on marketing strategy, event strategy, mentoring her team, keeping up to date with the newest marketing technologies and assisting in the development of systems within Unifiller.

Manuel Huespe - Director of Human Resources

Manuel has 10 years of Human Resources Management experience, all in the manufacturing sector. Prior, Manuel worked in the IT sector as part of quality control teams. This combination of experience forms the type of HR practices we have at Unifiller with an inclusive team centric approach as well as utilizing technology to identify and develop team members using HR analytics.

Rafal Orzechowski - Director of Engineering

WIth his background and Bachelors in Engineering from UBC, Rafal had started working for Unifiller in project planning, and became a project leader shortly after. In 2008, he joined R&D and was quickly promoted to Chief Engineer. After having moved into his new role as Senior Product Manager, Rafal was named Unifiller’s Director of Engineering. Rafal pioneered some of Unifiller’s best-selling machines such as the MultiStation.

C.B. - Chief Operating & Financial Officer (COO/CFO)