Unifiller+ App

Connect To Your Equipment's Full Potential

Unifiller+ lets manufacturers connect to their Unifiller equipment easily to drive quality manufacturing. Unifiller+ empowers frontline operators to track problems, train & share knowledge, communicate with your teams, while reducing downtime and optimizing performance. Use the Unifiller+ App alone, or with the +Device for advanced insights for your equipment.

Combining our Unifiller+ App and +Device allows for Advanced Machine Insights into your Production
Unifiller+ App Features and Benefits:
  • Tablet and Mobile compatible
  • Access to Manuals & Parts Lists
  • Communicate with Your Team
  • Free Includes: 2 Users and 1 Admin Profile
  • Connect with the +Device for Advanced Insights
  • Backwards Compatible with older Unifiller machines
  • Save and Recall Process for Select Accounts
Add Our +Device** for More Insights!
  • Track Equipment Usage
  • Access Runtime Reports
  • Backwards Compatible with older Unifiller machines
  • Predictive Maintenance Notifications – Coming Soon!
  • Connect with Unifiller+ App for Advanced Insights
**As of Jan 2024, some customers may already have this +Device on their machine. Refer to your sales order.

Depending on whether you have new equipment or existing equipment, one of these options will apply; talk to our experts to determine which option is best for you.

Option 1:

You may already have a +Device as of Jan 2024.
1 – Activate your +Device
2 – Register For An Account
3 – Download the Unifiller+ App

Option 2:

Ideal for machines purchased before Jan 2024.
1 – Order a +Device & Activate it
2 – Register For An Account
3 – Download the Unifiller+ App

Option 3:

Use the App without a +Device.
1 – Register For an Account
2 – Download the Unifiller+ App
3 – Input Your Existing Machines

This app is currently only available in Canada & USA

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