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Automation in the time of COVID-19

If you have been keeping up with the latest industry news it’s likely that you are familiar with the types of challenges that businesses have been facing: high employee turnover, labor shortages, food safety and health concerns, just to name a few.

The Importance of Changeover

Efficient changeover plays a key role in successful baking and food production. In the past, the process of converting a machine or line from running one product to another was a time-consuming task; now, with the broader variations in product offerings, changeover can be done easily thanks to innovation.

How Palermo Maximizes Production

Life under the COVID-19 pandemic may present itself in a different format than what we’re used to, but it does continue on. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations are still celebrated across the globe, which means there remains a popular demand for cakes and baked goods.

Implementing Cake Decorating Machines

Whether we’re talking about retail, food service, or even home baking, cakes remain a dominant dessert. It’s no wonder; cakes are versatile as a celebration food, ubiquitous at any and all types of social gatherings, and as snacks in the form of patisserie cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, or individual cake slices.

Preventing Burnout at Bakeries & Food Plants

Burnout is frequently understood as work-related stress and fatigue. It is being increasingly discussed in the present-day culture, but it’s not exactly a new concept. This paper describes elements of burnout and how it can be managed or prevented.

Fostering a Healthy Company Culture

Culture is often discussed in today’s business world, so much that it has in some cases become a buzzword, a trend, or a stereotype. However, its ubiquity in corporate conversations is justified in its genuine importance to the health of any organization.

Hidden Production Expenses

The hidden costs of production are not always obvious. However, they are cumulative, so it’s important for food and bakery plant owners to regularly comb through their processes, whether they’re in regards to employee training, the supply chain, production, or post-production.

Tips for Increasing Batter Portion Accuracy

The impact of inconsistent depositing on production time, efficiency, and cost is significant. Inaccurate depositing is a hit on the overall profit, as bakeries cannot charge extra for products that weigh more than the label weight. Here we offer tips for accurate batter portions.

Making Your Bakery More Appealing for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! People flock to bakeries during the holiday season, and bakeries must work harder to keep up with the demand for holiday cakes, cookies, and other seasonal desserts. The most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the busiest time of the year.

Why Viscosity Matters When Depositing

Unless you’re a bottled water or beverage company, viscosity is an important factor to examine when it comes to accurate filling and/or depositing of food products. Viscosity can also be understood as the “thickness” of a product.

Creating a Food Safety Culture

Food safety protects consumers from dire health consequences such as food poisoning, allergic reactions, and food-borne illnesses. Outside of health consequences, following food safe best practices also protects businesses from penalties such as lawsuits, fines, and facility closures.

Ergonomics Matter for Food Production Facilities

People who work in bakeries and food plants face many physical stressors on a daily basis. Lifting heavy weights, repetitive motions, bending over pans and trays, and walking steps from station to station (often while carrying heavy items) are just a few of the tasks that can cause musculoskeletal injuries in the body.

Global Food & Bakery Production Trends

The bakery industry is currently facing a shortage of available labor due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to long-term factors that include an ageing workforce, fewer people entering the trade, a lack of trained candidates, and government policies that impact staff accessibility.


Episode 02 – Unifiller’s First Machine
ft. Gerard St Jean, St. Jean’s Cannery

Gerard is the previous owner and current President of St. Jean’s Cannery & Smokehouse, a seafood cannery based in B.C. St. Jean’s was Unifiller’s first customer. The first filler they purchased is up and running to this day. stjeans.com/

Episode 03 – Offsetting Labor Costs with Automation
ft. Chris Hatch, Unifiller Systems Inc.

Chris is one of Unifiller’s Business Development Managers and head of the North American Bakery Sales Division. He has been with Unifiller for 14 years and is a subject matter expert in bakery automation and operations best practices.

Episode 04 – From Manual to Semi-Automation
ft. Miguel Lutz, Unifiller Systems Inc.

Miguel Lutz is a Territory Sales Manager within Unifiller’s Food Division. He has twenty years of experience building strong customer relationships and is a subject matter expert in configuring and integrating systems.

Episode 05 – Tips for Selecting Automated Solutions
ft. Steven Belyea, Unifiller Systems Inc.

Steven Belyea is an Applications Manager at Unifiller Systems. He has been with Unifiller for 6 years. His role involves designing and developing Unifiller’s new machines, mechanisms, and attachments.

Episode 06 – Factors for Portioning Seafood and Ready Meals ft. Miguel Lutz, Unifiller Systems Inc.

Miguel Lutz is a Territory Sales Manager within Unifiller’s Food Division. He has twenty years of experience building strong customer relationships and is a subject matter expert in configuring and integrating systems.

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