At Unifiller, our customers’ success is our main priority. We do our utmost to supply bakeries and food plants with the best automated solution for their production needs, but we also believe in the value of education and information. We believe our customers should be equipped with the best and most current industry knowledge, so we have compiled a list of resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Here, you will find bite-sized portions of industry insights from Unifiller’s partners and subject matter experts. Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope this podcast will provide some additional value to our customers as the baking and food industry undergoes unprecedented disruptions. Each episode was created to be easily digestible for your early morning commute or coffee break–no complicated, technical jargon involved. Bon appetite!

Episode 01 - Improving Operations and Processes ft. Martin Riis, Apex Motion Control
About Martin Riis and Apex Motion Control:
Martin Riis joined Apex Motion Control in 2018 and is the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Martin has spent his entire career building, designing, and selling food processing equipment including flour silos, tunnel ovens, and fully automated processing systems.
For over 35 years Apex has been helping Bakeries & Food Manufacturers increase capacity, reduce downtime, lower costs, and reduce workplace injury. They design, manufacture, sell, and support automation systems that specialize in robotics, machine automation, integration, and vision. They work together with their customers to understand customers’ production requirements, then integrate equipment that is specific to their needs, now and in the future. https://apexmotion.com/
Episode 02 - Unifiller's History: Our First Machine ft. Gerard St Jean, St. Jean's Cannery
About Gerard St. Jean and St Jean’s Cannery:
Gerard is the previous owner and current President of St. Jean’s Cannery & Smokehouse, a seafood cannery based in Nanaimo, B.C. St. Jean’s was a family business started by the late Armand St. Jean in 1961 and was Unifiller’s very first customer. The first filler they purchased is up and running to this day.
St. Jean’s Cannery offers products including canned, smoked, and frozen seafood, as well as gift baskets and pet food. https://www.stjeans.com/
Episode 03 - Offsetting Labor Costs with Automation ft. Chris Hatch, Unifiller Systems Inc.
About Chris Hatch:
Chris is one of Unifiller’s Business Development Managers and head of the North American Bakery Sales Division. He has been with Unifiller for 14 years and is a subject matter expert in bakery automation and operations best practices.
Episode 04 - Common Customer Concerns When Transitioning from Manual to Semi-Automated Solutions ft. Miguel Lutz, Unifiller Systems Inc.
About Miguel Lutz:
Miguel Lutz is a Territory Sales Manager within Unifiller’s Food Division. He has twenty years of experience building strong customer and business partner relationships and is a subject matter expert in configuring and integrating systems.
Episode 05 - Important Considerations for Selecting the Right Automated Solution with Steven Belyea, Unifiller Systems Inc.
About Steven Belyea:
Steven Belyea is an Applications Manager at Unifiller Systems. He has been with Unifiller for 6 years. His role involves designing and developing Unifiller’s new machines, mechanisms, and attachments.