Unifiller China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Unifiller is a leading supplier that designs and manufactures portioning depositors, pumps and decorating equipment through an innovative team of technicians and engineers.

Unifiller是领先的供应商,通过创新的技术人员和工程师团队设计和制造定量充填、输料泵和蛋糕裱花装饰自动化设备。Unifiller International与全球80家经销商合作,为一些最大的食品品牌供应设备!

Unifiller是专业制造食品定量充填、输料泵和蛋糕裱花装饰设备领域的领导者,通过技术人员和工程师团队创新的设计和制造,Unifiller International与全球80家经销商合作,供应设备给一些世界知名品牌和大型的食品工厂!

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Simone Allegrezza
TM - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
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Maria Cervantes
Sales Coordinator

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