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In this video: Cakes, Icing, Whip Cream, Border Decoration.

Cake Finishing Center
Mid-Fill, Top and Side Ice, Decorate

This unique cake decorating equipment is an all-in-one icing and decorating machine that can top and side ice round cakes, and quickly add beautiful top decorations and bottom borders. This cake decorating machine is computer controlled and offers manual cake touch-up mode at the push of a button.

Machine Features and Benefits:

  • Complete cake icing, decorating and finishing machine
  • 4 product cylinders, choice of small or large turntable
  • Unitronics touch-screen with recipe storage
  • Top and side ice round cakes; automatically add bottom shell borders
  • Top rosette decorating with custom built head
  • Automatically adjusts top and side icing mechanism to suit icing consistency
  • Telescopic height adjustment

Section 179 Deductions for this Machine

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