In this video:  Cheesecake, Icing, Oil Spraying, Crust, Crumbing, Filling, Tamping, Marbling, Drizzle, Jelly, Whip Cream.

Cheesecake Production Line
Complete Pre-Bake System

Automate your cheesecake production with a cheesecake production line. From pan oiling and base crumbing to batter depositing and marbling, our cheesecake production equipment does it all!

System Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile, automated production
  • Pan oiler
  • Crumb fill and tamping
  • Batter depositing
  • Flavor depositing and marbling

Section 179 Deductions for this Line

Specifications vary per Line. Contact us directly for more info.

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Up to 8 cakes per minute




Full washdown

No tools required