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In this video: Tarts, Pie Filling, Cupcakes, Dessert Cups, Parfaits, Macarons, Cakes, Eclair Fingers, Batter, Muffins.

MultiStation Depositor
Servo Driven Multi-Piston Depositor

The MultiStation is a high-speed compact solution for precise multi-piston depositing of soft or stiff batters, chunky fillings, egg custards, liquid products and more, using servo-driven technology.

Machine Features and Benefits:

  • Programmable touchscreen display with recipes
  • Accurate individual portion control through each nozzle
  • Gentle on delicate products with chunks or inclusions
  • Spread and fill stiff, heavy products
  • Built in pan sensor and PLC controls
  • Choice of 6 or 8 across nozzles and 3 product cylinders
  • 11 US gal (42 litres) hopper & integrated lift motion conveyor
  • Versatile: spread, inject, layer, deposit, mid-fill or decorate

Section 179 Deductions for this Machine

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