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In this video:  Pie Filling, Tomato Sauce, Soup, Chili, Icing cake batter.

Hopper Topper Transfer Pump
Move Product Quickly & Safely

The Hopper Topper food grade transfer pump is designed to keep your production floor running 24/7. With safe and gentle pumping technology (similar to hand scooping), your product will be quickly transferred without sacrificing quality.

Machine Features:

  • 5 models – MAX, Power lift, Economy, Starfish® and Tote
  • Fill hoppers direct from the bowl, tote or container
  • Level sensor helps maintain product level in hopper
  • Quickly pumps everything from smooth to chunky to thick
  • Easy on your product – maintains product integrity
  • Quick, easy cleaning for product change-over
  • 18 Month Warranty

Leasing Options and Section 179 Deductions for this Machine

Specifications  Vary by Model. (For Hopper Topper Power Lift Model)

3 – 13 US Gallons/min

< 1″ (25 mm) cubes, soft

Air: 4 CFM @ 80 psi

Full washdown

NO tool required