Pro 4000i Heavy Duty Filler

Ultimate Large Portion Depositor

Our latest addition to the Pro Series Family, the Pro 4000i boasts our largest single deposit capabilities of any of our machines. Continuing to be constructed with the highest sanitation standards, this depositor reduces the damage caused by moisture build-up, caustic cleaning, and daily wear and tear. It features precision height adjustment, and angled surface covers to eliminate pooling of water or food particles.

Machine Features and Benefits:

  • Unique one-turn calibrated deposit speed adjustment dial
  • Quick connect stainless steel fittings
  • 21 Gallon (79 liters) conical hopper
  • Up to 71 Gallon (270 liters) on low-level frame
  • Deposit range from 15oz. (445 ml) to 150oz. (4440 ml)
  • Great fit for form, fill and seal lines or large tub portioning
  • Can deposit extra large chunks

In this video:  Chunky Tomato Soup, Italian Salad Dressing, Kimchi, Cake Batter, Dough, Pasta Sauce, Curry with Chunks, BBQ Sauce, Potato Salad, Fish Roe.

 Videos are for demonstrative purposes. Similar products may require further testing. The actual machine may differ slightly.

At times, this video shows third party equipment integrations & customizations with Unifiller depositors. Such solutions are subject to review and may not always be possible.
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Up to 60 cycles per minute


15oz - 150oz


1.5" cubes (38mm) +


Air: 6 CFM @ 80 psi


Easy Washdown


No tools required