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Career Opportunities

Unifiller is a global industry leader specializing in bakery and food production technology.  We design and build depositors, fillers, pumps, and customized production systems used by some of the most famous food brands in the world.

If innovative, dedicated and passionate describes you, you may just be perfect for Unifiller!

We’re always looking for passionate people who want to contribute to our customer’s success. We offer a fun, inclusive, dynamic and team-oriented environment.

Check out some of these postings!

Delta, BC  |  Full-time

Delta, BC  |  Full-time

Mission & Values


To provide our customers with innovative and easy filling & portioning solutions that positively impact their bottom line.


To be the global leader in innovative filling & portioning solutions for the food & baking industry.


Easy  –  We create easy solutions for our customers.
Trust  –  Our relationships are based on trust.
Success  –  Win/win or no deal.
Team  –  We will succeed as a team.
Decisions  –  Keep the end in mind.
Sales  –  We sell through our expertise.
Attendance  –  With heart and soul.
Service  –  We respond to our customer’s needs.
Fun  –  Laughter is part of the workday.
Attitude  –  Can-do attitude.
Design  –  Perfection is attained when there is no longer anything more to take away.

Our Culture

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, Unifiller will give you a sweet experience like no other. Whether in the test kitchen or on the volleyball court, we work together as efficiently and effectively as possible, to reach our common goal. Being in Sales, I have the opportunity to help many different businesses grow…and that to me, is very fulfilling!

Paolo Alonzo

Working culture at Unifiller is so flexible, refreshing and motivating that you can’t wait to start work every day. Everything is well organized and supported by strong work ethics. Apart from its own success, Unifiller focus’ on the success of its employees, business partners and customers too. You not only work here but get all facilities to develop your skills through ongoing training, try your hand in outdoor/indoor games, have fun at social events organized regularly and more. Everyone is there to support you with complimentary smile 😊. I started here recently and am looking forward to a long career here.

Nitin Sigroha

I love being surrounded by incredibly talented people at work and turning our customers’ problems into solutions. I love and try my best to make everyone’s days happier…working at Unifiller allows me to do that!

Kevin Williamson

Working at Unifiller has been unlike any other job I’ve ever had – Unifiller has great company culture which is reflected in the general happiness of its employees. You never know what you’ll be working on next; from massive line projects to claiming a swift victory on our company volleyball court, everyone works together to have fun and flourish both on a professional and personal level. I look forward to a prosperous career working for this unique company in such a sweet industry.

Philip Siekmann

I love the work environment, culture and the good work ethic of other employees. I’ve been working here for more than 3 years and I’m happy to say that this place is a stress-free working environment!

Rener Manuel

Being the chef at Unifiller, every day I get to speak with a majority of the staff which keeps me connected to the rest of the factory. I have been here 2 years and daily enjoy feeding my friends their lunch and never experiencing a boring work day.

Sue Goldhawk

From being a student at Unifiller for almost 4 months now, I can say without a doubt that the positive attitudes and hard work ethic radiates off of everyone on the staff. Whether it is in the office, lunchroom or out on the volleyball court for break time, everybody always has a smile on their face.

Co-op Student

I have been with Unifiller for just over a year but it has passed by so fast that it feels like it was yesterday. Unifiller has a friendly and cooperative environment and coming to work every day is a pleasure.  I enjoy the freedom that I have in working closely with the CFO. At Unifiller you can be creative, think outside of the box and new ideas are always welcome!!

Tati Rainer

Working at Unifiller has given me the opportunity to balance my family and career life by having flexible hours and has helped me to mature my leadership skills that I can also apply outside of work. Also, a great environment for sports-minded people by having a weight room, volleyball and basketball activities.

Noel Manuel

The people here are great, awesome! A really friendly environment and lots of fun. People are easy to talk to and we help each other here!

Robert Paredes

Great company to work for! Friendly culture, continuous growth opportunity, and a welcoming environment.

Kare Selvaraj

Unifiller has a nice working atmosphere and a diverse ethnic group that helps each other in many ways to not only achieve your personal objectives but also the company’s goals. Everyone is encouraged to grow within the company, with a bright future.

Mark Yang
Since beginning my work at Unifiller in 2016, I have yet to find myself repeating the same job twice. Every day is new and presents a new challenge. Unifiller has introduced me to multiple angles of how a medium sized manufacturing company operates. In my position,  I get to deal with different departments internally and have the opportunity to deal with unique engineering tasks externally of which, keep me interested, involved, and motivated. I enjoy working with our customers and get an even bigger sense of accomplishment/pride when I can design automated solutions for them.


Daryl Verchère-Glover

Working at Unifiller as a Co-op Student has been a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about an exciting industry as well as apply my knowledge on projects. The staff at Unifiller is friendly and helpful, playing games during and after work hours has been a great way to relax and get to know everyone.

Kirk D'Mello