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MultiStation Depositor Helps CA District Serve 24,000 School Meals A Day 27.11.2017

Students in Modesto City Schools (MCS) in California started classes last week, but school nutrition professionals had been preparing for the new school year all summer long. Something exciting was in store, helping to improve the more than 24,000 meals made daily – new equipment for their specialized bakery.  Think about 24,000 meals in terms of a […] Read more

Unifiller Machines Featured on Insider YouTube Channel 20.07.2017

Insider is a popular Youtube forum showcasing food, travel, design and beauty, among other things. This week they showcased Legendary Cheesecakes, featuring depositors and pumps from Unifiller. Take a look yourself and see if you can notice our Hopper Topper and Hand Held Nozzle making an appearance. Happy Watching! Read more

Unifiller Launches its Pro Series Food Service Depositors 14.07.2017

Unifiller Systems is pleased to unveil its new Pro Series Food Service depositors, designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the food service sector. The heavy-duty Pro Series includes the Pro1000i FS and Pro 2000i FS depositors, featuring a large conical hopper and precision height adjustment for use with various pumps and conveyor systems. Both […] Read more

See Argentinian President Mauricio Macri Use a Unifiller! 15.06.2017

President Mauricio Macri and governor of the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, visited Cook Dulceria bakery in Vicente López, where they experienced the speed and accuracy of a Unifiller depositor first hand!   Bakeries around the world trust Unifiller pumps and depositors to increase production, reduce waste and optimize their business.   . Check […] Read more

How Would you Portion Cupcake Batter? 18.05.2017

Precise batter portions ensure your cupcakes look consistent and that you’re not wasting product.   1. Using a scale? Weigh the entire batch of batter and divide by your batch size. Use the result to measure out each cupcake portion. How’s your math skills? 2. Eyeballing each portion using a toothpick? Pour batter into tins […] Read more

3 Ways to Move Product! 18.05.2017

Some methods are better than others to move product to your depositor.   1. Use a pail!  Manually move your product from a kettle, bowl or container, may be ineffective but it’s cheap! (Be careful though, this method can cause back injuries!) 2. Use a bowl lift! Time-consuming and potentially dangerous but it works for […] Read more

Unifiller Launches the Uni-X – The One-Stop Precision Extruder 19.12.2016

Unifiller is pleased to unveil its most versatile cookie dough depositor machine to date, the Uni-X Extruder.   Able to deposit viscous products like chunky doughs without damage, as well as portion control more easily, the Uni-X Extruder makes use of gentle extrusion technology to increase production yield and precision. Ideal for stiff pastes, doughs, […] Read more