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Multi-Piston Depositor from Unifiller – One Machine, Multiple Deposits, Endless Versatility June 02, 2016

The Multi-Piston Depositor, a heavy duty stainless steel industrial depositor from Unifiller, is ideal for volume depositing of muffins, cakes, cupcakes, sauces, dips, dressings, marinades, salsas; or for automatic filling of various containers and tubs. With a 16 gallon removable hopper for rapid sanitation and easy integration with a conveyor, this multiple piston depositor works with various attachments for […] Read more

Unifiller Introduces the ELF400, an Entry-Level Filler for the Food & Bakery Industry June 02, 2016

Unifiller Systems, a bakery & food equipment manufacturer, specializing in depositors, transfer pumps, cake decorating equipment and cookie machines, is pleased to launch its newest depositor, the ELF400. The ELF400 is a compact, tabletop depositor that delivers fast, hygienic depositing – up to 140 deposits a minute! According to Stewart MacPherson, Owner and VP of Sales and Marketing at […] Read more

Unifiller Systems is Pleased to Launch the Deco-Bot, a Robotic Decorator for Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes and Pastries June 02, 2016

Unifiller Systems, a bakery equipment manufacturer, specializing in depositors, transfer pumps, cake decorating equipment and cookie extruders, has developed a new robotic decorating & finishing system, the Deco-Bot that can automatically apply butter cream roses onto cupcakes and directly onto the tops of celebration cakes. Officially launched at this year’s IBIE show in Las Vegas, the Deco-Bot was the […] Read more

Arena Products Partners with Unifiller Systems to Offer Improved High Performance Top Discharge System June 02, 2016

Arena Products Now Offers an Improved High Performance Top Discharge System to Integrate with the Arena A330 Shipper™ and Air-Evac® Liner Bags. ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Arena Products is proud to partner with Unifiller Systems for the release of their new Starfish Pump, a cost effective and easy-to-integrate top discharge pumping system.  Meant to improve efficiency by […] Read more

Unifiller Announces Food Filling Solutions for the Specialty & Artisan Food Producer June 02, 2016

While hand filling can be an easy solution, there are many drawbacks to this “old-fashioned way”. Filling jars manually can be tiring, time consuming and straining; and increases the likelihood of hand contamination. For specialty food producers, having their product picked up by a grocery chain or supporting a special in-store promotion quickly means adjusting […] Read more

New Multistation Depositor – Possibly The World’s Fastest Multi-port Depositor June 02, 2016

Unifiller is Pleased to Announce the Launch of its new Multistation Depositor – possibly The World’s Fastest Multi-port Depositor. Traditional confectionary gearwheel depositors are used the world over and are known for performing well but with limitations in production speed and type of products, leaving a gap in depositing technology. Unifiller is pleased to announce […] Read more

Unifiller Wants Your Bakery to be a Sustainable Business June 02, 2016

Unifiller understands taking production to the next level can be challenging. Increasing sales requires increasing production. Increasing production may require purchasing depositing equipment. According to Jamie Bobyk, a former executive chef, “working with a reputable bakery equipment supplier can help provide you the expert knowledge to the questions you need answered.”  When choosing bakery depositors, […] Read more