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Can Work with Bakers of all Sizes

VMI is one of the world leaders in mixing solutions for food and health industries. VMI designs, manufactures and installs innovative equipment: kneaders, mixers, planetary mixers and automated mixing systems, in batch or continuous process. Its range is the widest on the market and covers the entire global food, baking, biscuit and pastry industries. Full support from commissioning, training to maintenance and process optimization.

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The SPI AV range of mixers with a removable bowl ensures consistent production 24/7, from 80 kg (175 Ibs) to 300 kg (660 Ibs) of dough. SPI AV can be fitted with a wide range of attachments, suited for all types of dough whether moderately or highly hydrated: bread, pastry, pizzas, donuts, cookies, brownies, muffins, sponge cakes… The smart design allows consistent premixing of ingredients and the quick development of gluten network during mixing. To limit production down-time, the SPI AV structure integrates cleaning and easy access to wear parts.


  • Versatility of production thanks to a wide range of attachments (spiral, whip, paddle, cutter…)
  • High production level, with heavy-duty design and powerful motors
  • Efficient production time with a quick premixing phase
  • High standard of hygiene with a compact design without retention areas + bowl drain plug
  • Reduced production downtime thanks to belts driving system and quick access to the various maintenance points
  • Easy-to-handle with a user-friendly control panel
  • Temperature probe for consistent product results


  • Scraper device
  • Quick-release system for attachments/tools
  • Touch panel control
  • Bowl cover with inlet
  • CO2 injection for cooling