3 Ways to Move Product!

Some methods are better than others to move product to your depositor.


1. Use a pail!  Manually move your product from a kettle, bowl or container, may be ineffective but it’s cheap! (Be careful though, this method can cause back injuries!)

2. Use a bowl lift! Time-consuming and potentially dangerous but it works for some small bakeries.

3. Use a  Transfer Pump! Constantly feed your hopper with fresh product regardless of mixer volume; automate and pump 24/7 without lifting or injury!

As with all Unifiller machines, our Hopper Topper Transfer Pumps are made with a stainless steel tool-free design. This makes maintenance and wash-down quick and easy, with disassembly in under 60 seconds! With safe and gentle pumping technology (similar to hand scooping), your product will be quickly transferred without sacrificing any quality.
Unifiller is a leading manufacturer of innovative portioning equipment to the bakery and food industry, and is committed to helping increase production yield while reducing product waste!
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May 18, 2017