Arena Products Partners with Unifiller Systems to Offer Improved High Performance Top Discharge System

Arena Products Now Offers an Improved High Performance Top Discharge System to Integrate with the Arena A330 Shipper™ and Air-Evac® Liner Bags.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Arena Products is proud to partner with Unifiller Systems for the release of their new Starfish Pump, a cost effective and easy-to-integrate top discharge pumping system.

 Meant to improve efficiency by adding automation, reducing product waste, minimizing change-over and downtime time, the Starfish Pump System has been enhanced to meet the higher sanitary requirements of the industry.

Design enhancements include:

  • Mobile, tool free design for quick set up, disassembly and changeover
  • Powerlift for easy integration
  • Lift controls separate from pump activation
  • Specially designed interconnects
  • Interchangeable component kits so the same base can be used from product to product

Designed to maximize the performance of the Arena A330 Shipper™ and Air-Evac® Starfish top discharge liquid liner, the entire system is ideal for handling viscous products that other transportation and storage systems can’t.  Not only is the system designed for minimal residual it can move the product within a filling system well.

About Arena Products

Arena Products was founded in 1984 as A.R. Arena Associates, a manufacturer’s representative agency selling custom plastic parts for industrial packaging and material handling. The company evolved into a systems integrator, supplying custom material handling systems through in-house application engineering and design. Today, Arena Products is a product development and asset-management company utilizing engineered materials, coupled with a strong vision of optimizing customers’ solutions. For more information, visit

June 02, 2016