Unifiller offers a summary of the four most common equipment options to optimize donut finishing and decorating:

1. Donut Injection – These days, the sky’s the limit when it comes to injecting or filling donuts. According to Stewart Macpherson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Unifiller, “Manufacturers are experimenting with various new fillings to separate themselves from the competition.” Use an injection nozzle attached to a depositor to fill donuts, donut holes and other pastries such as profiteroles with various fillings including cream, lemon curd, fruit, jellies, custard, chocolate and so much more.

2. Enrobing – Want to finish your donuts quickly and in larger volumes? Use an enrobing machine with built in conveyor to seamlessly deposit icing or glaze onto donuts quickly and consistently. Designed to gently cover products with warm liquid coatings through string or waterfall application, an enrober is an ideal solution.

3. Drizzling – Drizzle donuts with just the right amount of chocolate, caramel or icing every time for a consistent look and feel! Drizzle directly onto an enrobed or unfinished donut.

4. Sprinkling – Who doesn’t love a sprinkled donut? Sprinkle candy, cinnamon, sugar, cocoa powder and more, directly onto donuts using a sprinkle or powder depositor.

Machines that can do this:
Pump: Hopper Toppers
Single Piston: ELF400 Compact  Universal  ProSeries 
Multi Piston: Multistation  Multipiston
Decorate: Deco-iSpot  Deco-Bot  Enrober PBS

Videos are for demonstrative purposes. Similar products may require further testing. The actual machine may differ slightly.

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