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Hana Kitchens provides a great breakdown of why you should scale up to an automated production sooner, rather than later. But don’t take our word for it, see some quote from their article before heading over there to see for yourself.

“One of the biggest aspects that sets Hana Kitchens apart from other commercial rental kitchens is our commitment to large scale equipment and automated equipment.  We explain it to new producers like this.  If your product is highly dependent upon processes done by hand, you will never make money once you scale up… These are expensive pieces of equipment that shared kitchens do not usually invest in.  Our depositors alone are worth half a million dollars.  However, their utilization is something to behold.  We have depositors that deposit batters and liquids as well as doughs and cookies… Set yourself up for success – start with automation from the very start!”


Set Yourself Up For Success

“Keep processes simple and able to be automated from the very beginning.  Even if you can’t afford automation at first, as you grow at some point you will need it to be successful.  After you have a loyal following and larger orders, you can’t go back and reformulate recipes and production processes if they will affect the taste or look of your product – customers will notice and complain, just when you need their support most.  So research what equipment is available for your product and be sure you can have a seamless transition to automation when the time comes… “

— https://bit.ly/2AumlkG

August 01, 2018