How Would you Portion Cupcake Batter? May 18, 2017

Precise batter portions ensure your cupcakes look consistent and that you’re not wasting product.

1. Using a scale? Weigh the entire batch of batter and divide by your batch size. Use the result to measure out each cupcake portion. How’s your math skills?

2. Eyeballing each portion using a toothpick? Pour batter into tins by eye. Check levels by inserting a toothpick and comparing depths. Do you have enough toothpicks?

3. Using an ice cream scoop? Pour batter into each tin using a scoop. Easy, but repetitive use can lead to wrist strain!

4. Portion using a batter depositor? Deposit easy, accurate and quick portions using durable & affordable depositors from Unifiller.

As with all Unifiller machines, our batter depositors are made with a stainless steel tool-free design. This makes maintenance and wash-down quick and easy, with disassembly in under 60 seconds! Most of our machines can also be fitted with a wide variety of attachments including depositing heads and hand held nozzles. 
Unifiller is a leading manufacturer of innovative portioning equipment to the bakery and food industry, and is committed to helping increase production yield while reducing product waste!
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