Introducing the Shufflemixer Series Available Exclusively in North America through Unifiller Systems

Unifiller Systems is pleased to announce a new addition to its depositing product line – the Shufflemixer series, an innovative line of aerators by Shuffle-Mix, ideal for aerating and depositing cream, bavarois, mousse and meringue. Designed for use in bakeries for pie and cake decorating, the Shufflemixer increases product volume up to 3 times more compared to a traditional batch mixer, resulting in a more stable product that will hold its shape and form longer.

According to Martin Riis, Product Manager at Unifiller Systems “Unifiller recently implemented the Shufflemixer into a customer’s pie production line. The feedback was very positive. The Shufflemixer helped increase the overall appearance and look of the customer`s cream pies with a better aerated product. Using the same deposit weight as always, the cream pie looked two times taller, creating a perceived increase in value at no extra cost to the manufacturer.”

Riis also believes the Shufflermixer series offers advantages over a batch mixer. “Product can go directly from most containers to the mixer and directly to a depositor hopper without human contact, eliminating the risk of product contamination. The mixer produces a consistent product hour after hour, decreasing labour hours, since there’s no down time between batches.”  He continues “since the Shufflermixer increases product volume up to 3 times more, a baker can reduce fat and calories in their products without compromising overall appearance.”

Customers also have great things to say about the Shufflemixer. According to Adrian Jackson of Elizabeth, The Chef, “Our four Shufflemixers aerate our crèmes and yogurts excellently. They work great and are very easy to use. ”

Available in 4 sizes, the Shufflemixer Series suits various production facilities including retail and mass production. The Shuffles are built for speed and flexibility, with fast start-up and switch-over with minimal product loss. The system is PLC controlled, and is equipped with a frequency controlled product pump and automatically controlled air flow meter. The system can be operated through a coloured Touch Screen and is equipped with up to 40 recipe storage.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick start-up
  • Quick response to new settings
  • Start and stop without product loss
  • Uniform and controlled product quality
  • Flexible in production
  • Negligible product temperature rise
  • Energy efficient. use 30% less power than other continues mixers in the market
  • Easy to maintain – Sanitary design, built to HACCP specifications
  • Fast product change-over
  • Easy cleaning (Clean In Place – CIP)
  • Small system footprint – on average 50% less floor space than other models
  • Easy operation, easy connection to any production line

For more information about this product, email: or call 1.888.733.8444.

June 02, 2016