Read Unifiller’s Feature in Instore Magazine’s “Accuracy, Flexibility key in Cake Depositing” Article

By Ryan Atkinson

As more and more supermarkets look off site for their fresh prepared and baked goods, more commissaries and bakeries are being utilized for cakes and desserts. This has increased the need for commissaries to stay on top of their cake automation needs.

“So many commissaries are now producing cakes for the instore bakery,” says Stewart MacPherson, vice president of sales and marketing for Unifiller. “And it’s necessary for them to have pumps, depositors, decorators and robotics that can automate production for various benefits.”

Accuracy matters

Depositing cake batter or other fillings requires accuracy on two fronts — hitting the right target, whether it’s the cake pan or tray, and depositing the right amount of batter. Accurate weight also helps producers from giving product away.

“There are several challenges when depositing Danish filling,” says Eric Riggle, vice president of Rademaker USA. “First and foremost is how to minimize waste and loss due to the fact that Danish filling can be expensive.”

Batter and filling consistency can have a major impact on deposit accuracy as well as final product quality. As batter sits in the mixing bowl or hopper waiting to be deposited, it can get thicker, and some aeration from the leavening agent can occur.

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December 20, 2017