Unifiller Announces Food Filling Solutions for the Specialty & Artisan Food Producer

While hand filling can be an easy solution, there are many drawbacks to this “old-fashioned way”. Filling jars manually can be tiring, time consuming and straining; and increases the likelihood of hand contamination.

For specialty food producers, having their product picked up by a grocery chain or supporting a special in-store promotion quickly means adjusting production for sudden increases in demand or short batch runs. Hiring additional staff, paying more and covering additional benefits may not be feasible. Not to mention working longer hours and paying overtime. What if the increased production need is permanent? Whatever the situation, incorporating a semi-automatic filling machine into production can be an ideal solution.

Perfect for filling dressings, dips, jams, sauces, relish, peanut butter, creams, gravies, mustard, mayonnaise and more, the Compact Depositor Series, from Unifiller Systems, helps bakery and food producers move from manual to semi-automatic filling in order to increase production yield, reduce product waste and meet labeling requirements.

Offering hygienic filling and precise portioning, this entry level depositor is user-friendly, compact, and simple to maintain. Perfect for the artisan or specialty food producer, according to Jamie Bobyk, former executive chef, “this series can be fitted with many attachments including a handheld nozzle for targeted depositing or a special diving nozzle for bottom up filling.” The Powerlift, a height adjustable model, allows the operator to fill the hopper with minimal lifting or strain, while the Tabletop model offers the smallest footprint for maximum efficiency. The compact depositor series offers damage-free product handling and filling into various containers, including jars, bottles, tubs, foils and more.

Among its many features, the series includes a tool free design that allows for easy assembly, quick product changeover and rapid sanitation. With a deposit speed of up to 140 deposits a minute, 8400 deposits an hour, the Compact Series Depositors are sure to optimize any production floor.

For more information about the compact series, click here.

June 02, 2016