Unifiller launches iPump – A Compact & Versatile Pump for the Food Industry

Unifiller, a leading supplier of portioning equipment to food manufacturers, has launched its latest machine – The iPump – at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE).
The iPump Transfer Pump uses gentle pumping technology to quickly transfer a product without compromising on quality or production space. The iPump is particularly useful for operators looking to automate production but retain a small footprint.
With most transfer pumps being heavy, overly large or expensive, the iPump is a welcome addition to the industry. As a compact and affordable solution, the iPump can control production levels to ensure consistency and efficiency, and can gently pump products like buttercreams, batters, fruit fillings and sauces easily. 
Consisting of a stainless steel construction frame, key features include a 1.5inch diameter flexible outlet hose, flow control to adjust pump speed according to the products being pumped, and an optical product sensor ensures hoppers can remain filled at a consistent level.
No heavy lifting is required, and a tool-free disassembly makes for a very quick and easy clean up. The unique tilt mechanism is also a key aid when it’s time for a quick product change-over. 
According to Stewart MacPherson, VP of Sales & Marketing, “We are particularly excited about the launch of the iPump. This is an ideal transfer pump for those looking to automate their production with a quick ROI, but not wanting to compromise on space. It’s a great machine – easy it is to use and maintain. The machine is gentle on chunky products like apple and fruit filling due to its ability to simulate hand scooping, drawing directly from most mixing bowls and pails from 60 to 140 quarts.”
For more information about the iPump. click here.

December 01, 2016