Unifiller Systems is pleased to announce the launch of their newest machine – the Deco-iSpot

The Deco-iSpot is a semi-automated machine that base-ices cakes and decorates cupcakes directly from a bowl or pail.

With plenty of power and speeds of up to 120 deposits a minute, the Deco-iSpot can save time and prevent injury or strain for the operator. The Deco-iSpot accurately portions buttercream so there’s more fill and less spill. The patented bubble extractor ensures smoother icing deposit every time. Two standard follower plates designs work with specific buttercream pails. According to Stewart MacPherson, VP of Sales and Marketing, “this machine lets any entry-level operator decorate cupcakes easily with a swirl design using the optional cupcake twist rosette head.”

This versatile machine can be additionally used as a depositor to deposit batters, fillings and other smooth flow-able products. A simple, sanitary, all-stainless steel machine design means quick product changeover and minimal clean-up.

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June 14, 2016