Unifiller Systems is Pleased to Launch the Deco-Bot, a Robotic Decorator for Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes and Pastries

Unifiller Systems, a bakery equipment manufacturer, specializing in depositors, transfer pumps, cake decorating equipment and cookie extruders, has developed a new robotic decorating & finishing system, the Deco-Bot that can automatically apply butter cream roses onto cupcakes and directly onto the tops of celebration cakes.

Officially launched at this year’s IBIE show in Las Vegas, the Deco-Bot was the main attraction at the Unifiller booth. According to Stewart Macpherson, Owner and VP of Sales & Marketing, “we developed this machine to produce beautiful intricate roses onto the top of cupcakes. The final result is truly an industry first.  We can even apply multiple roses in one or two colours in less than 3 seconds! Then we realized that this could also be quickly and automatically applied the top of fully decorated celebration cakes.”

The Deco-Bot robot writes, drizzles and finishes cakes. Cupcake decorating options include decorating cupcakes with swirls, rosettes and multi-colours. The Deco-Bot also features a simple compact design that’s easy to disassemble and clean, while the same unit can handle multiple designs onto various products with quick nozzle changeover.

For more information on the Deco-Bot robotic decorating system, visit www.unifiller.com or email info@unifiller.com.

June 02, 2016