Unifiller Wants Your Bakery to be a Sustainable Business

Unifiller understands taking production to the next level can be challenging. Increasing sales requires increasing production. Increasing production may require purchasing depositing equipment.

According to Jamie Bobyk, a former executive chef, “working with a reputable bakery equipment supplier can help provide you the expert knowledge to the questions you need answered.”  When choosing bakery depositors, it’s important to take some key points into consideration:

 1.      Does the depositor manufacturer understand your needs?
 Many bakeries run into the challenge of inconsistent filling weights, which ultimately affects the taste, the look of their products and profits. The right equipment provider will “fine-tune” the depositor for a customer’s ideal recipe configuration.

 2.      Does the manufacturer provide value-added services prior to a purchase?
The right provider understands that the purchase of a depositor can be a business-critical decision for a bakery — that’s why they offer bakeries the option to test the depositor with “real” products before they buy.

3.      Does the equipment require extensive training or setup?
From portioning pie dough, to transferring and depositing fillings, a Unifiller depositor offers so many options. Deposit just the right amount every time.

Stay tuned for more tips for choosing the right depositor.

Sonia Bal
Unifiller Systems Inc.
[email protected]

June 02, 2016